Controlling single or multiple lighting circuits from the same touch panel or from different locations using in- wall touch screens, touch keypads, voice control, motion and presence detectors, smartphones, tablets or PC. Control any light on the market. Mo matter which light source, full integration and control is possible. It allows you to reduce energy usage in buildings and it can be a key contributing factor in protecting the environment.

See “lighting” as an all-around solution. Think beyond the basic “ON” and “OFF’.

With IBS Automation, you have the choice of:

Wake up easier!

Let the transition of lighting, simulating the sun, wake you up in the morning.

Measuring natural light

Depending on the time of day and brightness, your lighting will automatically adjust to reach your desired level of intensity.


Dimming makes the room both look and feel more comfortable. Plus, it can help you save on energy costs; another way to feel more comfortable.

Find your way

If you get up at night, the presence detectors will trigger light to guide your way at night; bright enough to see but soft enough to not wake anyone.

Save Energy

Lights automatically deactivate when nobody is present. With a double- or triple-tap, you can be sure the whole room or whole building turns off respectively.

Presence simulation

While you’re out of town, your home will know how to control lighting on and off as if you were still there. Burglars will be scared away from this act of presence.

Parental control

With parental control, it’s possible to “lock” the lighting button so that no change can be made when a child touches it. You can continue controlling lighting simply from your smartphone.

IBS Automation even supports digital interfaces like DMX and DALI

DALI Lighting Control System

What if you can dim or brighten the lighting depending upon the amount of daylight?

A DALI lighting control system has the capability of performing a wide variety of tasks beyond those of a typical switch or dimming system. The system can incorporate dimming, daylight and occupancy sensing and save energy by turning lights ON/OFF based on a programmed time schedule or according to natural light.

DMX Lighting Control System

Incredible lighting effects are now firmly within the reach of the hobbyist. Whether you’re planning the most awesome house party ever, or want to take your nightclub/restaurant lighting to a whole new level, it might be time to invest in some DMX systems.