Empowering your security, operational process & traffic flows!

When arriving to office, just tap the gate icon in the automation app on your mobile device or the tablet supplied with your system.

Then, the system opens the entry gate, turns the outdoor lights ON if necessary, opens the garage door and disarms the alarm.

Once you’re in the garage, all gates close, the outdoor lights turn OFF, and the garage and hallway lights turn on according to your custom scene pre-programmed to suit your needs and preferences.

Access control reliably denies access to uninvited visitors, and it only allows authorized people to pass through.

With state-of-the-art identification and high-performance control units, they increase building safety. to unlock the door, we offer RFID systems with a card, pin or fingerprint . Barrier-free solutions can be realized with the wide-range reader, in combination with automatic door systems.

Company buildings, offices and warehouses hold all manner of valuables and data which need maximum protection against theft and vandalism. Employees who rightfully and regularly access a building are either known to the gatekeeper, or have one or a bunch of keys. but the age of jangling keys is a thing of the past, because modern safety systems are keyless.

IBS Automation offers access control solutions for small and medium-sized companies , as well as for private offices.