Technology & More Privacy!

Privacy smart glass, also referred to a privacy glass or switchable glass with an adjustable opacity.

It can be changed from clear to a frosted appearance by a single touch from any smart automation device.

Switchable smart glass illuminates environments, creating multi-functional spaces that adapt and respond to the needs of users at the flick of a switch…

 It can be used in partition screens, windows, roof-lights and doors, security & teller screens and even serve as an excellent HD projection screen.

Enjoy maximum natural sunlight while maintaining UV protection and stability. Helps to minimize energy costs through reduced AC cooling

Instant privacy or transparency: transform your space with your mobile device, motion sensors, and more

“We have had a long love affair with glass. It inspires us with its beauty, surprises us with its versatility, challenges us with its complex physical properties, and transforms our lives with its unique technical capabilities.”

— Wendell weeks, chairman, chief executive officer and president, corning incorporated

“… As a material, [glass] has properties and characteristics we are only just beginning to understand.”

— Adam savage, popular TV host