How We Made It Here

The Start

The Start

Established in 1985, in industrial power & control field.


Jun 2014
Company Expands

The company expanded its expertise to include building and residential automation systems and continues its legacy as IBS Automation s.a.r.l.

Worldwide Partnership

Sep 2014
Awarded KNX Partner

Became a KNX partner from KNX organization in Brussels.

KNX Schneider Electric Certification in France

Oct 2014
Advanced Certifications

KNX achieved an advanced certification from Schneider Electric in France.

More services introduced

Jan 2015
Advanced Security Solutions

Introducing intrusion, fire, smart glass and CCTV solutions.

Zwave automation solution

Mar 2015
Introducing Wireless Automation

Adding wireless automation solutions for finished construction projects and inhabited living spaces.

Better automation BETTER SOUND

Aug 2015
KNX with Audio & Video

Introducing the audio/video integration with KNX solution.

KNX Gewiss Certification from Italy

More Certifications

KNX achieved an advanced certification from Gewiss in Italy.


Exclusive Somfy Automation Distributor in Bekaa

Became an exclusive Somfy wireless automation distributor in the Beqaa region.


Introducing Sound to Light

Adding more colorful lights for entertainment spaces.

Here now

More about the Company


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide perfect service technologically advanced solutions while distributing quality products for a safe and pleasant work and household environments.


Our Vision

“We are heading into-smart technological future where we will be leading more comfortable and energy saving lives. Our company is excited to be leading this change through our unique smart systems that do not pollute nor consume energy while positively contributing to the use of greener and partaking in safeguarding our environment. The technological solutions IBS Automation is offering will provide comfort living that is uniquely suitable for each customer.” 

  Jad Moubarak – IBS Automation C.E.O


Our Values

We value commitment and creativity for a better service, Transparency, and Honesty that shape our communication strategies… We believe in Corporate Governance!