Smart door locks are an innovative modern technology that will change the way guests interact with hotels. Forget the outdated key card system, smart door locks are how your hotel can stay up to date with the technological age, boost your reputation and impress guests whilst doing so.

There is always the concern that any technological substitution for a traditional lock system is prone to hacking. However, this is not the case and smart door locks are highly secure.

Guests will also be reassured by the fact they cannot drop their keycard or have it stolen, as they each have an individual pin to access their rooms. Guests could store their pin in numerous ways that allow it to be as secure as possible such as on their emails or on a notes app on a smartphone. This means it is a lot harder for someone to break in to their room and they may feel as though their belongings are a lot safer, portraying your hotel as an environment that can be trusted.

Impress you guest: smart door locks are also a way to highlight how up-to-date with modern technology your hotel is. This will not only impress and intrigue potential guests, but it will also make you stand out against any competitors that are ‘behind the times’.

By including this innovative product, you are conveying to your guests that you are willing to invest in new technologies to tailor to their needs and improve the overall guest experience. A smart door lock provides ease of use, added security, and less stress for your guests.

IBS is providing smarter access control systems for hotels, benefiting guest experience and staff accessibility.

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