The benefit of home automation system is that you are able to monitor as well as change or customize the heating/cooling settings to compensate for the seasonal temperature.

 Additionally, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home, by tracking how your heating/cooling appliances consume during the day, week, month or year. Residents are free of any thoughts or actions to change the temperature when they leave their house or go to sleep at night; saving money without even trying.

Installing a thermostat allows the regulation of your room temperature: by setting specific temperature in every room of your home and choosing different temperature modes: comfort, economic, pre-comfort and frost/over-heat protection temperature.

IBS Automation now bridges the world of heating/cooling and KNX home automation by programmed devices, so you can rely on our products to keep your desired room climate, such as: Gewiss, Schneider thermostats and presence detectors.

Italian Brand

The KNX thermostat, glass finishing, is used to control and manage a humidification/dehumidification system in parallel to a temperature adjustment system. 

German Brand

The KNX push button plus with room temperature control unit.

KNX presence detector for indoor spaces. It’s installed on the ceiling, and it detects highest ranges.

This enables various functions in the KNX system such as lighting, heating to be controlled entirely as required and in an energy efficient manner.

Available in White and Aluminium.

Individual room control

For the first time, you can keep a cool 18º in the bedroom with a pleasant 20º in the living room. Or maybe a family member gets cold easily at night, then his or her bedroom can be set to a cozy 28º. As long as your desired temperatures are set, there’s no further action needed on your part and each room will be exactly as you like it.

The smart home heating and cooling control, knows when to command any changes based on room specifications that you set. All you have to do is define once if you would like a specific temperature for each room during certain times, like when you are present or absent, and your system takes care of the rest. If your needs change, you can easily reset temperatures anytime and anywhere.

Heating and cooling functions beyond typical

Get the most out of these practical functions for the ideal room climate:

Heat according to schedule

Your home intelligently calculates the most efficient way to heat your home with exact levels of heat while you’re home and away. When you are away, it will know that less effort and lower temperature is needed.

Save up to 30% on energy costs

Beyond HVAC controls, your home even knows how to work with motorized blinds for the most efficient heating/cooling. For example, during the day, the blinds will automatically open so the sun can help heat your rooms.

Moreover, when nobody is home, Energy Saving Mode will activate to control temperatures with minimal – if none at all – effort from active hot or cool air. This is especially useful while on vacation.

Schedule your holidays

Your smart home will know how it should operate during all of your holidays. Whether you’ll be home or away, you can let your home know ahead of time for the most efficient control.