Motorized shading are one of the most versatile smart technology, you can easily raise the shades for sunlight to enter, or lower them to reduce heat buildup.

Automate your blinds for more than just sun protection!

IBS Automation can automate your blinds to coordinate with the sun. This means cost-effective heating with help from the sun. At dusk, the blinds will know to lower for privacy in your home. Or in an office, blinds can close as the last employee leaves. Smart blinds offer a new sense of comfort in homes and commercial buildings of all types.

See the possibilities of shading control:

6:00 a.m - Wake up! Mode ON

Blinds rise as the morning sun streams through the windows for a great start to the day. Get in tune with your body’s natural circadian rhythm and wake up feeling energized by the sun

Storm protection

Finally, an automated exterior shading solution that’s designed for the outdoors and storms. As our Weather Station communicates a storm approaching, the exterior blinds will know to retract to prevent any damage.

8:00 p.m - Privacy at night

At sunset, your blinds will know to go down automatically. Spend your evening after work in the complete peace and privacy of your home thanks to automatic blinds.

Presence simulation

Even if you’re on vacation, your shading will know to continue working as if you were home. This constant activity will help scare off burglars.

All works together

From music to security to lighting, IBS Automation in home or commercial building will make sure your shading works together with other components.