Automation provides a single elegant control interface that let’s you enjoy consistent experiences across numerous devices such as in-wall touch panels and screens which are also controlled with smartphone, tablet or PC by using mobile application.

The in-wall touch screens offer the possibility to create a wide array of domotic functions (lighting control, dimmer control, shades/curtains and gates control, scenes, climate control, comfort, safety, energy savings and management, audio/video and video entryphone systems integration).

Our goal is maximizing comfort, simplicity and entertainment while aesthetically blending into your home’s décor. IBS Automation offers to you distinctive touch screens which are ranging between top international brands: Zennio ,Control4, Gewiss and Schneider.

Spanish Brand

Zennio Touch Screen – Z35, Z41 and Z70

The touch screen Zennio is a capacitive touch panel with up to 96 control functions. Minimalist aesthetics, dominated by simple forms, lead to a timeless design that facilitates integration within working and living environments and it incorporates an internal temperature probe, thermostat.

Z35, Z41 and Z70 make your management and enjoyment easier, enabling distributed communication within the intelligent home.

Available in White, Silver and Black colors.

American Brand

Control4 Touch Screen – 7” and 10”

The Control4 T3 Series featuring gorgeous, low-profile designs with edge-to-edge glass and stunning, high-resolution graphics.

This touch screen includes Hd video intercom and crystal-clear audio intercom for convenient communications from room to room or with visitors at the door.

Available in White and Black colors.

Control4 Portable Touch Screen – 7” and 10″

The Control4 T3 series tabletop touch screens are sleek, portable devices that can be taken from room-to-room to provide dedicated control over the technology in your home or business.

Featuring a gorgeous new tablet design and stunning high-resolution graphics.

Available in White and Black colors.

Italian Brand

The MASTER ICE Touch Screen Panel – 10″ and 15″

The MASTER ICE Touch Screen is the new, beating heart of the modern home; the hub of all the system devices for governing the domestic environment. With the Master ICE touchscreen panel, you can control all the home functions from one single point: lighting devices, roller shutters, air-conditioning system, irrigation system, alarm devices, video entryphone and video control.

The MASTER ICE interface can be personalized with maps, layouts, images or icons to make function visualization and supervision quick and intuitive.

The supervisions functions can be managed locally via the touchscreen color display (10” or 15″).

Available in White and Black colors.

German Brand

U-Motion Touch Screen – 7” ,10” and 15”

The U-Motion is used to supervise (command and control) the KNX system, which are visualized and accessed directly.

They also act as intercom, communication to the door station and monitoring of the building with IP cameras.

Three different sizes are available to cope with different requirements and budgets.