The benefit of automation system is that you are able to monitor as well as change or customize the heating and cooling settings in your nightclub and restaurant, to compensate for the seasonal temperature.

 Additionally, you can increase the energy efficiency, by tracking how your heating/cooling appliances consume during the day, week, month or year.

Installing a thermostat, allows the regulation of your room temperature: by setting specific temperature and choosing different temperature modes: comfort, economic, pre-comfort and frost/over-heat protection temperature.

IBS now bridges the world of heating/cooling and KNX automation by programmed devices for the nightclub and restaurant, such as: Gewiss and Schneider thermostats.

Italian Brand

The KNX thermostat, glass finishing, is used to control and manage a humidification/dehumidification system in parallel to a temperature adjustment system. 

German Brand

The KNX push button plus with room temperature control unit.

KNX presence detector for indoor spaces. It’s installed on the ceiling, and it detects highest ranges.

This enables various functions in the KNX system such as lighting, heating to be controlled entirely as required and in an energy efficient manner.

Available in White and Aluminium.