You Are More Secure Than Us!

Safety for the building and everyone inside of it!
With our access & security systems, the home stays on guard when you go to sleep at night. In any business or office, it does the same as the last employee leaves. In any case of an intruder, the building will know to activate a smart alarm system, starting with a smartphone notification. Similarly when the building detects a water leak, you will be immediately notified via smartphone notification.

Access control is a security system which enables you to permit or prevent access to specified areas at your facility. With state-of-the-art identification and high-performance control units, they increase building safety. To unlock the door, we offer RFID systems with a card, pin or fingerprint . barrier-free solutions can be realized with the wide-range reader, in combination with automatic door systems.

Happily, IBS Automation offers access control solutions for all companies, as well as for private offices, houses.. And more, with top 1 brands Somfy & Ekey for access & security systems.