This is the era where you can really use home automation to its full extent to provide convenience, comfort and security for your home.

Everything that is automated can be turned OFF to save money while you are out. A simple intuitive interface to control all your house equipment and make your life easier.

Turn lighting into fun …with Somfy

To get the most out of lighting solutions, there is nothing better than just control all your lights with a single tap using TaHoma and Connexoon application. And why not create lighting according to your mood or do not automate lighting for your enjoyment and safety?

Moreover, when you go out with just one click on your smartphone, you can make sure all your lights are off when you go out. You no longer need to spend time checking every room… So that’s one less thing to worry about every morning!

The Somfy Connexoon is a new way to control your blinds, curtains, garage door, gate and lights. Enjoy the experience of controlling your Somfy-powered motorized solutions from your smartphone, and maximize the many benefits they provide: light management, privacy and convenience. You are now in control of all your motorized products such as curtains, blinds and the garage door.

Your home is now upgraded, and your life has never been so easy!

The Somfy TaHoma allows you to centralize control of your home’s automated features. Compatible with expert partners and more than a hundred different Somfy products, our smart home system lets you open your blinds, switch on your lighting or operate your garage doors all from your PC, or using the Somfy TaHoma app on your smartphone.

A simple intuitive interface to control all your house equipment and make your life easier.

The Somfy IZYMO ON-OFF receiver IO transforms any wired lighting (ceiling lamp, wall lamp…) or wired home equipment up to 10A into a smart one.
To control a lighting, it can be placed behind the wall switch or next to the light source (depending on the installation).
To control a home equipment, it can be placed behind an outlet.

Somfy NINO IO uses this remote control to operate several devices individually or in combination, such as lighting, motorized shutters, screens, awnings or blinds. It recognizes and helps you adjust and control all of your equipment, to provide ultimate comfort in your home.